New Zealand: Quest for ….. pinguins

Pinguins: they are supposed to be everywhere here on the coast of New-Zealand (west-, south-, East-coast). And different kinds: NZ crested pinguins, little blue pinguins, yellow-eyed pinguins.

I have performed numerous walks on the search to see them. After several walks on the West coast, I found out that the season for seeing the crested pinguins is Oct to Dec. After that they disappear (nobody knows where they go to, but each year they come back). So, instead of viewing these crested pinguins, I most of the times was severly bitten by sandflies, but no pinguins.
My next aim was then to spot yellow-eyed pinguins on the East coast. This time, I had done some research, and definitely, it was the season to spot them. Again, I did several walks. In the afternoon, early in the morning, but … again no luck. I knew the most chance was around sunrise or sunset. Probably, I was either too late or too early. The closest I was, you can see is a footprint in Otago Peninsula. I could follow their track to the sea. Too late … they just left (it was a nice morning walk).
You can spot them in some zoo-type of environment in Otago Peninsula, but that was not what I wanted. Next time more luck!


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