Final Lembeh diving compilation

I want to share some final compilations of my diving experience in Lembeh: the paradise for muck diving and finding the weirdest critters.

Ghostpipefish: ornate, robust, delicate:


Different type of seahorses: thorny, pygmee, …


Some little monsters (weird critters): ambon scorpionfish, spiny devil fish, fingered dragonet.



Animals around the dive resort

Night and day, I continuously hear all kind of animals around my bungalow. A lot of birds, but apparently also some small mammals, which I haven’t spotted yet (tarsius monkeys, …). I have seen several kinds of big butterflies.
And of course all the insects and other crawling animals. Brrr. Here a small collection.
I can assure you, walking in the webs of these big spiders is not fun. And the big red ants do sting quite hard.


A walk in the jungle around the dive resort

No diving today. So I had a good idea. Let ‘s go for a walk in the area around the resort. No real roads or paths. Sometimes a small path but mostly non-existing. Which of course resulted in having lots of times spiderwebs right in my face. Brrrr!

I always forget how heavy it is walking in tropical climate. Humidity has its immeadiate effect.