Raja Ampat: looking upwards from under the water

Divers tend to forget that you have 3-dimensional space around you, and therefore don’t always realize the beautifull view looking upwards.



Birdwatching in Raja Ampat: red bird of paradise

One morning, very early, 3 of us went with a guide on a birdwatching trip. Purpose: look at the Red bird of Paradise, at sunset (mating time).
First, not so easy to spot them. These guides have really good eyes, and it took a long time before we managed to spot them as well.
As soon as the sun started to rise, the male birds became very active in showing off , to make sure the female bird picked them.


Diving at Raja Ampat: manta place

1 day, we went to a Place with several cleaning stations for mantas. Just like our local carwash. The mantas come regularly to these specific places to get cleaned by other fish.
And yes, we were lucky, a few arrived and let them being cleaned while we watched from a little distance. And 1 kind of said us goodbye after his cleaning session, by passing over our heads.
Great experience!