French Polynesia: Moorea (6-9/03/04): sharks in paradise

After almost 9 hours flighttime (the plane was half empty so I lied down and slept almost the whole time), I arrived in Papeete, Tahiti where I had to wait a few hours for the connection flight to Moorea. …

Moorea is an island of French Polynesia, belonging to the Society Islands and only 7 minutes flying from Papeete.
The hotel is very nicely located in Cook’s bay with a superb view on the mountains of the island. The first day already, I went for a walk along the 2 main bays (Cook and Opunohu and then back through the mountains). I maybe underestimated the sun and the heath a bit: it definately was hot, but spectacular views.


The past 3 days, I have been diving. The main attraction here: Sharks, sharks, sharks. Already when you jump in the water you see them: mainly blacktips and lemon sharks.
The lemon sharks have like a grim on their face. When they come in your direction, it looks like they smile and show their teeth and think by themselves: ” that looks like a good meal”. But in reality they don’t do anything. At first it was a bit scary when they come up to 30 cm from you so I tucked away my arms and hands, not to give them any idea.
The new stuff for my camera is giving me a hard time: strobe direction, power, with or withuot strobe, with or without red filter, … But I will learn it.