USA: Los Angeles and Channel Islands (2-5/03/04) sun and sea

Having a car in LA area (maybe everywhere in US) is really a must. So, with the rental car, I headed off north to a little city just outside of LA. Because of the location of my hotel, customs at the airport gave me a deeper interrogation: they found it weird that a tourist to LA would stay there. But as this is close to the area where my boat is leaving from, they finally understood the logic behind it.

I am not so much a city person, but enjoy nature much more. Therefore, I decided to do a walk in 1 of the smaller national parks around LA. I followed a trail in the Sycamore Canyon. The weather was perfect, around 22C (what a change after the cold and wet belgian weather) and the view on the ocean was nice.


In the evening, I headed to the boat which I would go on for the divetrip. We could stay overnight on it as it leaves early in the morning to the Channel islands.
On Thursday, we dove 3 sites around Anacapa island: general remark: a lot of current and cold.
It was my first dive in kelp and I liked the view of it. The type of life aruond there was a lot of seastars, urchins, and several type of nudibranches. The water was pretty cold( 14C): maybe better to use drysuit for comfort. I had my 7 mm on and it was just OK (although I was pretty blue coming out of the water). But the cool thing is that there was a hot-tub on board, and that helped a lot. I went in after the 3rd dive to regain normal temperature.


In the evening, I stayed over with Michael and Angela, who I met last year in Mexico. And next day Michael drove along the southern coast of LA: nice beaches, surfers, houses and again very sunny. Of course we did it the Californian way: in a Porsche covertable with the top down.


In the afternoon, I went to the airport: you have to take off your shoes now to go through the metal detector! I must say that both when entering and exiting the US, I was happily surprised about how fast it went ( against all the rumours about US-airports).