Super nightdive!

Yesterday was a super nightdive. I finally found the shrimp I have been looking for a long time.
And we found many many other interesting things.
A small compilation:

Different shrimps, crabs and shells : during the day, you hardly ever see what is in the shell, but when it’s dark these animals come to life.

Leander plumosus is the shrimp on the top left. I still don’t know the english name.


And of course a lot of other fishes.
Top Left : ocellated dwarf lionfish
Bottom right: spotfin lionfish
Baby squid: this definitely caused also an underwater waaaauuuww!



Birdwatching is almost as fun as diving

In between the dives, I look a lot at the birdlife around my bungalow. And although it’s a small island, there is quite some action.

Yesterday, I watched the kingfisher fishing. And all of a sudden, he got attacked by another bird.


There is also another type of bird on the island. A type of white heron, I think.


Small island, lots of animals!

I showed already the variaty of lizards, varans, …. But there is many more life on the island.

Nabucco is one of the few places where the coconut crab lives. This crab lives on land, in holes of rocks, and feeds on coconut. They even climb in the coconut tree, and cut the coconut loose with there claws. The claws look pretty scary from closeby. Wouldn’t put my finger there.

And of course several types of birds. Some stay a bit further in the lagoon, some fish in front of my bungalow, like the blue kingfisher.


All this on this little island.