Thank you!

Some words of thanks :
Thanks to all who supported me during my trip via messages, social, mail, …

And major thanks to my material:
My Vlerick bicycle: it brought me over the roughest tracks. No problems at all with flat tires, no gear problems, no painfull bumb, … A sturdy perfect bicycle that could handle a lot of weight.

And of course a big thanks to my Nokia N8 (and the cheap kyrgyz mobile data via Beeline operator): it made sure I stayed in contact with the rest of the world, using my blog, messaging, twitter, facebook, email, … And on top of that, it took perfect pictures to keep the memories alife.



After a great trip, I can now show the warwounds.
1 fall with minor problems. Some flesh removed, and a bit blue. No consequences at all! Just hop on the bike and continue

1 dog attack: no major problems. A bit of flesh removed, and trousers torn. Just sew the trousers and back on the bicycle.

Jeti-Ögüz jailoo

In doubt: should I stay an extra day at this nice place, or go straight to the Town of Karakol, and stay there an extra day. My decision is quickly made. Better to stay in nature. And: it is very nice food here! A major plus!
I went for a walk up to a waterfall.
Later on, a nice thunderstorm. I am clearly in the mountains again: the weather changes every hour.