Bishkek to camping outside Sasnovka

Cycling through and out of bishkek was traffic wise not too bad. Clear sky, perfect view on the southern mountain range. I could see snow peaks while I was cycling in 40degrees.


Stuff you take on cycling trip

I Will go on a cycle trip to Kyrgyzstan. This means I will have to rely a lot on myself and my own material, food, tent, … And this reflects in my luggage.
It looks really a lot when everything is spread out. And it doesn’t even contain my food yet. My medical kit and bike reparation kit is rather big. Just in case …

And when everything is packed, it looks like this:

Preparation cycle trip

Testing equipment. Inside. It is raining so much which makes it impossible to test my gear outside.

Due to the fact that my tent flysheet was damaged a bit on the waterproof layer, I played safe and replaced the flysheet. With the weather forecast giving extreme weather, meaning very sunny days and very rainy days, I better be sure the tent is waterproof.

Birdwatching in Raja Ampat: red bird of paradise

One morning, very early, 3 of us went with a guide on a birdwatching trip. Purpose: look at the Red bird of Paradise, at sunset (mating time).
First, not so easy to spot them. These guides have really good eyes, and it took a long time before we managed to spot them as well.
As soon as the sun started to rise, the male birds became very active in showing off , to make sure the female bird picked them.