French Polynesia, Rangiroa, 10-13/03/04: more sharks!

Currently, I am diving at the reefs of Rangiroa. Rangiroa is an atol of the Tuamotus (another archipel of French Polynesia).

From the sky, you have a great view of the atol with its blue lagoon. And again it looks like paradise here: different from Moorea, as it is totally flat.


It is low season which you can notice in all the hotels and pensions: here, only 2 out of 10 bungalows are occupied.


You should come diving to Rangiroa for the sharks: 100s of them (at least, that is what they told me). Except, the first day of diving hasn’t been that successfull. OK, we have seen a few sharks, but definitely not how it should be. And yes, we saw 2 manta rays, which of course is spectacular as well, but where are the sharks?
Diving here is all related to the tides: water coming in and going out of the lagoon through 2 narrow passes. At this moment, the time of the incoming tides is very bad, but today we managed to dive early in the morning to catch the incoming current. And yes, at the bottom at the entrance of the channel, you see sharks all over: chasing all the food/fishes that are incoming. It is quite exciting dive, especially also with eagle rays, …
I fully understand the diveguides want to stay away from these channels when it is outgoing tide. The currents are so strong that you would end up somewhere in the middle of the ocean.


This afternoon, I am on a bicycle-trip: it will be short as the road is only 12 km long, with 2 villages at each end of the road.
And tomorrow evening, I am off to New-Zealand (it will be finished with the nice warm weather). I had plans to wait 9 hours in the airport of Papeete for my connection flight, but 2 nice french couples invited me at their house in Papeete for dinner and a few hours sleep before my flight at 05:00. Super!
BTW: At Moorea, there was a diveguide whose arm was totally wrapped up: he claimed he had a soccer accident. Now, it turns out he has been bitten badly by the sharks (36 stitches). So these sharks were not that nice as what they told us.