Last snow before summer starts (April 21-28, 2012)

Relax and enjoy!

A few days in the snow, before summer starts.


European trucks

Today, I had some strange encounters. In 1 small village Kara-Koo, I noticed several trucks with well-recognizable names. First I saw a truck parked, which had Jacobs verhuizingen, on it. Weird, who from belgium would move to such a small kyrgyz village. A few 100 meters further, I saw a truck with moules-mosselen on the side. Waauuw, what are these mosselen doing here. When I stopped, immediately someone came to me. I pointed and said this was a belgian truck. He said he was international truck driver. A bit further I saw a german truck. Either this village is the centrum of international truckdrivers, or …
And at the end of the village, a jaguar was parked. Not a car I had seen before in Kyrgyzstan.

Naryn to Tash Rabat

I arranged transport to Tash Rabat. This is on the road to China. But the road conditions are soo bad, you would not believe this is such an important international road.
On the way, the driver makes a sidetour for another historical monument. The citadel of Koshoy Korgon. You really need to have a lot of imagination to recognize a building. But the setting with the surrounded mountains is really nice.
Arriving at Tash Rabat made me realise it was absolutely a good idea to change plans. This is such a scenic place. Not because of the historical building (a caravanserai from the old Silk Road), but all the surrounding landscape.
I am again above 3000meters, so freezing cold at night. My body needs to work hard with the constant extreme temperatures.

French Polynesia: Rangiroa + Tahiti : 14/03/04: Thanks to JB and Severine

I spent my last day at Rangiroa as relaxed as possible. But I was also trying to get some news about the Madrid bombing.


People here on Rangiroa really seems to be far away from the worldnews: they say they like it this way: far away from war and terrorism. I will have to wait untill New Zealand before reading some worldnews.
I spent the evening with JB and Severine and some of their friends. I met them at diving and they invited me to spend my waiting time in Papeete at their house. We had a nice dinner and exchanged pictures. Then a few hours sleep before heading off in the middle of the night to the airport for the flight to New Zealand.


nice weather in California

I arrived in LA yesterday, after a very good flight.
It is nice and warm here: a good change after the snow in Belgium. A perfect hiking weather, what I also have done today.
Tomorrow, a day of diving, and the weather forecast is also good: so it will be a quiet boatride to the channel islands.

1 more day

Tomorrow is THE day. But today is still a very busy day.
I just got back from the ambassy of Indonesia: I’ve got my visa!! ….

The reason I am so happy is that it was not straight forward to get it. Recently, it has been introduced for several nationalities to request a visa in the ambassy, and not anymore at the border, like it used to be. This was fine to me, except for the problem that you needed to show your tickets and exact dates when you would enter and leave Indonesia. This, I don’t have yet, and don’t know yet.
I took the risk and went to the ambassy. It has been approved. I have now a visa for 60 days (which I also prefer, as in some other countries, the indonesian embassy only gives 30 days).
I also needed to postpone this request as much as possible, as you need to enter the country within 90 days after the visa-stamp. (so, this gives me more freedom for my planning now).
I am glad I will not have to spent time in Australia anymore to arrange a visa.