Toulouse: Blagnac airport is worth a visit!

If the weather in Toulouse is bad, no problem! Plenty of other things to do! And if you like planes, it is Paradise.

Go and visit the Airbus factory. (thx Bart.) You will not only see new planes being build (A380), but you can also see a Caravelle, Skylink, …

Or stroll around Blagnac airport. You will see planes you don’t see anywhere else. There is still a Concorde based at the airfield. And several Belugas (used by Airbus to ship plane-parts between their different Airbus sites around Europe). and of course, A380 flying from the factory to its new


And this is an airport with plenty of place to relax, without the need to go to a lounge. Seats and sofas in all shapes and sizes. Everywhere well marked power sockets and unlimited free wifi access.