Bokonbaev to Tosor homestay

What a beautifull day! Great ride along the shore of the lake with view on the mountains. Passing different interesting things.
I passed an extreme ‘kitsh’ complex. No idea what it was. Some persons told me it is a museum, others said it is a hotel. Anyway, the gate was closed.
Along the road, several nice bays and beaches, all inviting me for a swim.
I found a great guesthouse at the shore of the lake. Perfect place to relax. Very very nice family and the daughter speaks english. Hoera, hoera, I can communicate (my kyrgiz is still very limited).

They invite me to join them to a sacred place. Very interesting. They take lots of food, which they share with other visitors. Then they start walking along a small path over a mountain, which apparently is full of sources of water. At each source, they stop, pray and drink from the water. Some of these springs/sources is dedicated to child, some to mother, … Kyrgish people have a mixed believe still strongly influenced by old traditions. 1 thing is certain, ramadam is not followed. Food is of major importance here.
They say this place is for positive energy, and to be healed from negative energy! To me, it was mainly surprising were they found fresh water in this very dry mountain.


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