Yurt north of Ak-Say to homestay Bökönbaev

Yesterday, I had checked the track out of this remote place, as an alternative for the riverbed. Going up that dry river would be too hard. This morning, I had only to follow my own wheel tracks from yesterday. That was a good idea, as with fully loaded bicycle, it is not so easy to move.
The views were amazing. I started in dry desert mountains and ended in an Alpine valley landscape. But the roadconditions were pretty hard. What was supposed to be the ‘good’ road, was in worse shape than the bad road. I even stepped off the bicycle on a dowmhill track as I tought it was too dangerous with stones and too steep. But it was really relaxing, as there were no chasing dogs, or no honking cars.
When I ended back on the main road, I encountered a group of 30 men, women and children having a picnic on the side of the road. Of course I was stopped, offered Arak, which I refused, and instead received kymys (great, thank you) and bread. And everybody wanted his picture taken with me and the bicycle. These mobiles with cameras are doing a good job here.


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