Roads: they come in all conditions!

I have seen all kind of roads during my cycle trip in Kyrgyzstan. And the local definition of good road, is defintely different from my definition.
Rarely, there is a perfectly asphalted road (but ok, that is not why I came to Kyrgyzstan):

Most of the few asphalt roads have major holes, cracks, …

Majority of the normal roads are not asphalted.
They come in different categories:
A hard earth road. Easy to ride on

A hard earth road but washboard profile: this shakes your body.

A slightly gravel road

And then comes the category of roads which do request full concentration:
Roads with stones

Roads with lots of stones and small rocks

Riverbeds where your wheels sink in the sand

Crossing rivers with slow or fast flowing water (wet feet)

Just a bad road

And all of the above in combination with steep uphill or downhill


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