Camping east of Kara-Jalaa to Yurt north of Ak-Say

Today, my legs didn’t seem to have power. Ok, slow speed will also bring me to my destination. And the road wasn’t flat. A climb of 500 alt meters which I hadn’t foreseen.
In Ak-Say, a bit of adventure started. Someone draw on my map a cross were a nice yurt camp was located and had mentioned it was a road through a nice cañon. My navigation skills with map and sun seem to be pretty ok. I really was cycling through something which appeared a cañon, although it was in fact a dry river bed.
Many parts, I had to push the bike, as the underground was too soft sand and the bicycle didn’t roll in it but just sank in it. But I really liked that part. Much better than the boring asphalt road along the lake. It was getting a bit on my nerves, after having been for weeks on more remote roads with great views, now being on a mildly busy road with not so much change in scenery.
I arrived at the yurt camp in time for lunch.
The surrounding here is ‘badlands’. Dry, desert-type of mountains. And with the blue lake, this is really a great view.
Today, I also checked out already how I should cycle out of here. Up the cañon is not really an option for me, as I will have to push my bike for several km. I noticed on the map another small road, which I checked out this afternoon without my luggage. Even though locally they said road in bad shape, this should be a better option for me with fully loaded bicycle to get back on the main road. And what a view!


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