Yurt north of Eki-Naryn

It’s very nice here, surrounded by mountains, so I decide to stay here for some days and do some walks in the neighbourhood. The family of the yurts has important guest as visitor and I can follow from close all the preparation work they do for an important meal. Unbelievable how important food is here, and even more important is that you have to show there is plenty of food. The table is litterally covered in all kind of breads, fruit, and of course the freshly butchered sheep with the head as important part.
The people here mostly are fully self-suppliant. They have their own animals, grow their vegetables and fruit. And bread is the main food to show hospitality. Whenever they invite you in or you arrive at the homestay, you get homemade bread with homemade butter and homemade jam. With tea of course (using the samor).
And the scary drink for tourists: kymys, fermented horse milk. I have in the mean time learned to drink it, although I sometimes wonder if they have invented this to tease the tourists. I have upto now never seen a kyrgish drinking kymys.


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