Naryn to yurt north of Eki – Naryn

Early day to prevent the heat. I have a big bold plan to cross the mountains to arrive at lake Yssyk Kol in a few days. Depending on all the factors, I would proceed or not. Continuously taking into account it has to be safe. Upto Eki Naryn, where the two rivers flow together (eki =2 in kyrgyz language) everything goes smooth. The only trouble is that every height meter I climb, I continuously loose it, due to rolling hills profile. The temperature climbs again way too high. About 15 kilometers past Eki-Naryn, the road deteriorates heavily, to such a form it is extremely difficult to climb with fully packed bike. Going down would have been a much better option. I decide to quit this track and go back to Naryn for another option to go north. (especially because there is absolutely no traffic at all here). It is the safest and most responsible option. I stay at the yurt here closeby, with very friendly people and will slowly go back to Naryn tomorrow (or later, as the setting is very nice here).


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