Airbus A380

First time I flew in an airbus A380. I was really impressed when seeing this massive plane. I really wondered how much power is needed to get it in the air.
Plenty of space in the plane. But I wasn’t feeling all that relaxed during take-off. It continuously gave the impression the plane was underpowered. Never had that feeling in a plane before. But hey, it did climb through the clouds.
Apparently it is known that you have the impression of having a much slower speed than reality.
During the climb, you could see a very weird, visible and consistent airstream going over the wings, around the mid-section of the wing. Really strange. Like a tube of air.
The engine noise insight the plane is very low. And the landing perfectly smooth. No specific behaviour there.

Some impressions:



2 standing next to each other:


Compare to some normal planes in the background:





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