Djibouti: an unknown paradise for adventure seekers (Nov 24 – Dec 03)

A combination of a dive- and trekking-trip.

I absolutely wanted to see whale sharks. Timing of the year was ideal for the coast in front of Djibouti, in the Bay of Tadjoura.
I invested a bit of time on the internet to check out what else Djibouti has to offer. It seems there are super landscapes to discover. (lakes, volcanoes, desert, mountains) Best to experience this by doing a walk of several days through the desert, along the lava fields to the salt lakes.

Snorkeling with whale sharks in Bay of Tadjoura


Diving some wrecks and reefs


Trekking and camping in the desert and mountains, along the old salt-routes


Walking on the lava fields, through lava tubes and on volcanoes (Ardoukoba volcano)


Swimming in salt lakes (very salty! Coming out, you are literally white): Lake Assal



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