Micronesia: Palau: 02-12/07/04: Am I a danger for the United States?

To fly to Palau, I had to make a stopover in Guam. Guam is a part of the United States, what you immediately notice in the airport.

First, even when you are in transit, everybody has to go through passport check (a very long queue that moves very slowly). I had on my way to and from Palau over 12 hours transit time, so I decided to go out of the airport. On my way back from Palau, I wanted to rent a car but there were no small cars available anymore. So, I took a taxi and the tourist bus to the tourist area. I rested a bit at the swimming pool of some of the luxury hotels (I’ve done this already often: you just walk in and act confident as if you are a customer in the hotel). Guams’ main tourists are Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese. All tourist brochures, signs, … are in these languages: not easy to understand for me. And what do they mainly do: go shopping. That is also what the tourist bus does: it drives between the hotels and all the shopping malls.
Back at the airport I knew already I would get a serious security check again. On my boarding pass are the letters SSSS which means I have to be checked out more thoroughly than others. I seem to get this everytime when I am at USA territory. I asked why, because it is not anymore a random check as they explaned me first. It seems to be linked to my name in the system. No idea what I have done to get this special threatment.


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