Micronesia: Another liveaboard canceled

I seem to have really bad luck with booking liveaboards. Although in Indonesia it turned out really well, I am very unhappy with what happens now. The travel agency informed me that the liveaboard which I booked already in February, has been canceled.

Fish ‘n Fins told that another liveaboard, the Palau Agressor, has been hit by a cargo boat, so they had to transfer these people to other boats, and therefore, the Ocean Hunter has been used. I have booked the Ocean Hunter, but this can’t now be used for that trip. Untill now, I couldn’t find anything about this on the internet. I hope it is the true story and it is not just all about money and another group chartering the boat.
Anyway, the problem of course is that I have my tickets to Micronesia, which can’t be canceled, so they had to come with an alternative. They would refund my boattrip and offer me a hotel and diving. The only reason I go to Micronesia (Palau) is for diving, so I absolutely hope the landbased dives are also good. The boat-based diving was supposed to be the highlight of my trip: I hope the landbased diving can give me this as well. Let’s wait and see!! I am a bit disappointed but still, it should be paradise!
The other worrying thing: I read in the newspaper about a typhoon-warning for Guam (another island of Micronesia where I have to change flights).


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