Australia: North Queensland: 26-29/06/04: beach, rainforest and mountains

Arriving in Cairns makes you realise you are close to the Great Barrier Reef: diveshops everywhere. So it is time for me to get some maintenance done on my dive equipment. And I hope to replace my floaded strobe.
There seem to be 100’s of divecharters going out everyday to do introdives, snorkeltrips and … oh yes.. there are als licensed, experienced divers that should be taken care of.

To me, it seems that this last group is absolutely neglected for daydives. They offer daycharters with a “small (40??)” number of people on the boats (and a ridiculous high price): some call “80” even a small number (snorklers, introdivers and licensed divers, all at the same time!!). That’s not how I see the diving: you will not see fish except bubble making creatures underwater. I haven’t figured out yet if I want to dive this way.


Cairns is a bit too busy for me (as well as Port Douglas), so I decided to head north to Cape Tribulation. It is a big national park with rainforest right next to the white beaches. Only the blue ocean was missing. It looked brown, just as our North Sea. They said that it is caused by the waves. If the sea is not as rough, it will be blue.


It is winter in Queensland, but still nice daytemperatures of 25Celsius. So, very good for walking.
After a visit to Cape Trib, I headed towards the Tablelands mountains. I found a very nice and quite campingplace at the “granite gorge”: the lady owner explained about this nice walk you should do. Soon, I found out that this walk was more something of a rockclimb. That was probably the reason why noone else was on the trail. After a while, I really thought that this was getting a bit dangerous, especially not with the appropriate shoes. And yes, almost at the end, I lost my grip and fell down. Luckily, I could grab some tree and I only have a bruced knee and some scratches. I don’t understand that the owner also explained this walk to an older couple standing next to me when I arrived: but she absolutely didn’t mention anything that the path was actually a series of rocks to climb up and down. But I enjoyed myself!!



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