Indonesia: 22/06/04: Unexpected detour to Jakarta

What was supposed to be a short flight from Manado(Sulawesi) to Denpasar (Bali) via Makassar, turned out into a very long day. At check in, I heard that the flight to Makassar was delayed due to the Indonesian presidents’ visit to Makassar. The airport was closed for a while for security reasons. This resulted in missing my connectionflight to Bali, so at check-in, they rerouted me already via Jakarta (as you notice on the map, this is absolutely a serious detour).

When arriving at Makassar airport, from the plane we could see the presidents’ plane, protected by several military helicopters. But this whole security is a bit of a joke to me. As on the side of the landingstrip, you see kids and teenagers playing soccer, within the gates of the airport (which is full of holes).
Airport security in Indonesia is in fact a total joke. They have lots of metal detectors : even when entering the airport, you have to go through the metal detector and all your luggage is being scanned. A good idea, but not if it doesn’t work. Either the machine is not switched on, or even when it beeps, nobody asks you to empty your pockets or checks it out. I actually tested it myself and in the end didn’t bother anymore to take out my mobile phone from my pockets. Luckily, it still works more or less at the metal detector at the gates.


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