Indonesia: Diving Lembeh: 14-22/06/04: Sex on the reef: mating Mandarine fish, a divers’ dream

When I arrived in Lembeh, I heard that they found a divespot where you can see guaranteed mandarine fish (these are small very colourfull fishes that are difficult to find). And, they mentioed that quite ofthen they see them in full action: fighting, mating, …

To see the mandarinefish, you have to dive just before sunset. We jumped in the water and went to the place where they seem to live, and waited (you have to be patient to see them). After a while, the first mandarinefish started to leave their hidings. More and more could be seen and they also started to be really friendly with each other. They were seducing each other and after about 35 minutes waiting and laying very still in front of them (you really get cold when not moving, even in 28Celsius watertemperature and with 7 mm suite), we saw mating mandarine fish. Not just one couple, but several couples. And the same male with different females, jealous females disturbing the mating couples, … It’s absolute one of the highlights. After about 50 minutes, there was not enough natural light anymore to watch them( you can’t put on your torch because they would go away), so we continued to other places at the divesite (with a torch of course). I noticed there something else: a seahare that was blowing out purple ink ( I thought only octops had ink?).
The mating mandarine fish wasn’t the only form of sex I saw on the different dives. We also found mating nudibranches. So, absolutely, action all over!!!



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