Indonesia: Diving Lembeh: 14-22/06/04: Mymic octopus as an ultimate present

One of the animals on every divers list coming to Lembeh Strait, is the mymic octopus. It is a white and black octopus that mymics other animals (lionfish, seasnake, flounder, …) But very hard to find as most of the time it is hidden in the sand and only the eyes are sticking out. Already in the beginning of my stay in Lembeh, Samuel (another diveguide) found one, but it stayed only a few minutes visible before it disappeared in the sand.

The last day, Andries asked me what I wanted to see on the dive. I requested the mymic octopus again (of course no guarantee, but so they can choose the divespot where there is a chance to see them. After about 20 minutes, Andries saw the head stickin out but the octopus didn’t want to leave its hole. At the end of the dive, just when we had given up and where doing our safety stop, another head was noticed. And this time, the octopus did come out and performed its show for about 20 minutes. What a way to end the diving in Lembeh!!!!



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