Indonesia: Diving Lembeh: 14-22/06/04: Action on the reef

The diving in Lembeh Strait is absolutely something special, as you find here critteres which you can’t find anywhere else. Here, I regretted a bit that my strobe is broken, so I can’t use the external macrolens on my camera.

I had a super time in the water. I got a diveguide for myself (never more than 2 divers per guide), which is a luxury for divers. Andries just spots everything underwater (as all the guides at Divers Lodge). It doesn’t matter whether we are doing muck diving, coral walls or wreck divin, he always finds the weirdest, abnormal animals. (frogfish, hairy frogfish, gostpipefish, pygmee seahorses, shrimps, …) I saw this time lots of animals which I hadn’t seen before.



And I was happy to see different action under water. Of course you see fishes, shrips, crabs, … but when you can see them while they are doing special behaviour and not just swimming, it is even more fascinating. Cleaning statios are always interesting to watch, also when these shrimps or fishes start cleaning your own nails or teeth. I am always amazed that there is a respected rule with the fishes (also the big ones), not to eat the little shrimps and fishes that are cleaning their teeth, and removing the bacteria.


One of the amazing things I saw awas a flamboyant cuttlefish eating a shrimp. I was watching the colour changes of the flamboyant cuttlefish which also had a little emperor shrimp on its back, when all of a sudden, some long, thin, blue tube extended from the head of the cuttlefish. And very fast it moved towards a little shrimp in front of him. Just amazing to see this happening. I was very surprised. (no pictures of this though, because of camera fogging. But at such moments, you just enjoy the action and don’t want to be bothered about pictures).





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