Indonesia: South Sulawesi to Lombok: 01-13/06/04: adventure at sea

Before making the big crossing from Salayar to Komodo, we had planned to take some pictures of the boat with the 5 sails. There was a good wind and we were cruising with a speed of 7 knots. We pulled the annex aside of the boat. Me and Jerome were already in the annex, and while we were just taking the petrol tank, something went wrong, Maurice had to let go the rope of the annex and we capsized with the annex.

I think there was a short time more panic on the big boat than for us in the water. I still had my camer in my hands (which I luckily kept in its underwater housing), Jerome pulled me from under the boat, and I recovered the tank of petrol and the paddle which were floating in my neighbourhood. The annex is luckily made of unsinckable material and was only upside down.
While Jerome tried to turn around the annex (the motor was still connected to it), I was waiting in his neighbourhood with all the material in my hands. In the meantime, the big boat was manoeuvering (luckily Rabba was still on the boat so he could help Maurice, because the captain is absolutely no help at all) to approach us and pick us up. I didn’t panic at all, and found it a great adventure (of course, it would have been another story with big waves and big courant, we were lucky). Jerome managed to turn the annex back to its upright position, emptied the water out of the boat, and then I handed over the material and climbed in the annex.
The motor didn’t work anymore at that time, but after we were back at the sailing boat, and we were high and dry, Maurice and Jerome managed to have it back working. So, no damage at all, but also not the real photo-session which we had scheduled (I took some pictures when I was back in the annex before being picked up: no pictures have been taken when we were floating in the see: I am not yet a disaster photographer). And we all agreed that we wouldn’t do a new photo-session.




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