Indonesia:Bali:Kuta: 31/05/04: surfers and roadworks

I was not really looking forward to stay 1 night in Kuta, as it is known of having very pushy sellers: they would keep on requesting to buy things and they would be everywhere: beach, street, …

I walked around for a few hours on the beach and in Kuta center, but haven’t experienced this yet. You have the sellers, but they didn’t seem too pushy with me. I actually enjoyed the stroll on the beach, which is full of surfers.
But Kuta has currently absolutely 1 big problem. There are roadworks everywhere. Really, all the streets are opened at the same time. It is difficult to walk around, as the pavement is gone, with big holes, sometimes the road looks like a szimming pool, … It is total chaos in the streets at the moment, resulting in 1 big traffic jam.



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