Indonesia: Bali: 30/05/04: visiting a tempel and cruising around in the mountains

Today, I had foreseen to see a bit of Bali above water. So I had programmed a visit to the biggest temple (Besakih), and some landscapes (mountains, ricefields, …). The weather luckily stayed dry (very cloudy), although in Padangbai it was raining for the 3rd day in a row (not normal in the dry season).
The visit to the temple was interesting. There were different ceremonies ongoing and I got some explanation from a guide that I never wanted, but they are sometimes very pushy. Luckily, my driver gave me a maximum price for the guides, because they would ask a lot of money.

Too bad it was cloudy for the rest of the day, because it must be beautifull to see all the mountains. I could see the famous ricefields, and the little villages were interesting to drive through (although comparable to the one I stayed in for more than a week).
When we came back in Padangbai, it was still raining there, but it promised to be better tomorrow (just when I leave to Kuta for 1 night).



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