Indonesia: Bali: Padangbai: 24-26/05/04: diving, every day diving

After a few weeks out of the water, it feels good to dive everyday. Padangbai is centrally located for the divesites, which makes it easy to dive everyday somewhere else. I am diving with Diving Groove, which gives a superb service: everyday to another divesite, great briefings with background on fish-life, …


I am currently diving alone with the diveguide: luxury situation. I have had already super dives. During 1 dive, a manta ray stayed with us for more than 10 minutes all the time circling around us and coming towards us, very close. It was a super experience!


During another dive, we were in a cave full of white tip sharks and giant lobsters. And of course, all the dives have the amazing tropical stuff: a lot of the reefs are unspoilt here.
1 thing Bali is famous for is its currents and the temperature variations in the water. These thermoclines ccan be huge, so I dive in my 7 mm suite. I will absolutely not be cold this way, but my 3 mm suite will not be OK in the cooler layers. The currents can be very strong and very unpredictable. They can come from all directions during 1 dive. And when you let yourself go in the current, it looks like you are in a speedboat, … So, taking pictures at such moments is totally out of the question. Maybe I should film it ones.
I just finnished a nightdive: to me, it was a new experience, as all my nightdives have been always in calm water. Now, at a certain moment, the current picked us up along the reef. It’s a different feeling than at daylight, but I just let myself go. I enjoyed it!




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