Indonesia: Bali: Padangbai: 23/05/04: arrived in a small fishermans town

After a short flight, I arrived in Denpasar, where my ride to Padangbai was waiting for me (or better, I was waiting for him). The drive to the little village took almost the same amount of time as the flight.

It was quite an adventure on the road. Definitely, I will not rent a car, or drive myself around here. A full white line here seem to attract the drivers to absolutely overtake, and even better if this happens in both directions at the same time. And just when you think they will hit each other, they seem to find a small spot to put the car back in the lane. Small motorcycles are everywhere, but on the bigger roads, the car is the boss and seem to have the right to push the little motorcycles from the road if they need the space. So, it is the “right of the strongest” that rules here.
But I arrived safely in Padangbai, where I will stay a week to do lots of diving. It is a small village with only a few small hotels and restaurants, but it still keeps its local habits. It is absolutely nothing compared to Kuta (the tourist mekka), with its big hotels, bars, beaches, …


Being in Indonesia also means “Mandi”-usage again: no shower, but buckets of water to poor over you.
And after Australia, I am absolutely amazed about the prices: I will not have to cook myself here: it is absolutely restaurant-time everyday.


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