Australia: NT: Litchfield Nat Park: 20-21/05/04: Scary walk!

In the afternoon, I arrived in Litchfield Nat Park which is full of waterfalls. I had foreseen to have a relaxing afternoon: go for a swim at the florence waterfalls and then a small bush walk on a marked trail.



… it turned out not to be so relaxing! I had a good swim to cool down and started of for the short walk.After a while, I spotted a hughe spider the size of my hand. As people back home might know, spiders are absolutely not my best friends. I had to grab all my courage to go closer and take a picture of it.
My heartbeat hadn’t gone back to normal yet, when I saw something else that scared me much more: a 3 meter long, fat snake in the middle of the path. I had done some reading on snakes in Australia, and eventhough I was almost certain it was a python, and not one of these extremely poisonous snakes, I still was very scared. I didn’t know how to pass it, as, everytime when I approached it, its tongue started to move, which is not a good sign. I was absolutely terrified.
After a while, I decided to climb uphill next to the path and pass it this way. Luckily, the snake decided then to go downhill, away from me. So, the walk was absolutely not a relaxing one, and it took me quite a while before I was again on a normal heartbeat.
I realised that even walking on these small, easy marked, tracks, there can be some danger here, and you should be prepared for it. Next day, it didn’t stop me from doing other small walks around these other waterfalls in Litchfield Nat Park.



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