Australia: NT: Kakadu: 18-20/05/04: Eaten alife by mozzies!!

Kakadu National Park is absolutely a must for bird-lovers. Especially in the dry season (which has now just started). The wetlands are now drying up, and the birds have to move to smaller and smaller areas.

It was again very hot and humid weather, which absolutely drains the energy out of my body. I don’t do so big walks anymore. And on top of that, the mosquitos are everywhere. They drive me crazy! You can’t even take a shower without being bitten all the time (and the frogs jump on you as well). Although I enjoyed the national park, I couldn’t stand staying longer.
Kakadu has 3 things: waterfalls (when you have a 4WD and if the roads are not flooded anymore), birds and other wildlife, rockpaintings fo thousands of years old. It is on the World Heritage list. The paintings are different: the aboriginals used a special style: animals and persons are drawn with their skeletons. So all the bones and intestines are painted as well.


I took an early morning birdwatching cruise on the Yellow River.


It was absolutely worth it, to float on the wetlands with the birds and the crocodiles around you. I absolutely realised why there is “no swimming” signs in the area: crocs!!


Currently, what I dislike the most: the air humidity and the mozzies!!


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