Australia: NT: from the center to the Top End: it’s getting really hot

In ALice Springs, the temperature was very nice during the day and at night, it did cool down (sometimes even quite cold in the middle of the night). But the more north I go, the hotter it becomes. And from a certain moment on, it didn’t cool down anymore at night.

I am now really in tropical climate. This area has only 2 seasons: summer (=wet season) and winter (=dry season), but never cold. The “wets” are just finished so most of the roads are accessible again and the extreme hot sticky weather is finished. But for me, it is still very hot (>;30C) (eventhough locals say they are cold in the morning).
The scenery along the road is also changing a lot. It is now very green and some rivers have actually water in them (they will dry up very soon). I use them now to swim in, to cool down. (You just have to watch out for crocodiles).
And the fauna has changed a lot as well. Not that many dead kangaroos anymore on the highway, but it is now a graveyard for frogs. They are everywhere, most of the time flat as pancakes, but sometimes I seel them alife, they are even in the toilets. And with the tropics come the mosquitos: I am bitten all over again.




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