Australia: NT: West and East Mac Donnell Ranges: 11-13/05/04: more walking

Near Alice Springs, there is a lot to do. But after a few hours in the city, I wanted to go out again for some nature experience. The Mac Donnell Ranges (East and West) are mountains which offer very good walks and camping.

You notice already that this is not on the main tourist route: less cars, and almost nobody on the walking tracks. On the short walks to lookout points you still meet people, but on the longer walks you are alone on the world. The only thing you hear is buzzing of the flies (of course), the birds, and reptiles running away through the bush. If you are early in the morning walking around, you even encounter wallabies, which immediately jump away when they notice you. It is so peacefull.
At Orniston Gorge, I did the circuit walk: I lost the indicated track for a while, but by climbing to the top of the hill, I could spot the path and continue my walk. You have amazing views on the dried out river and gorge.
The Mac Donnels are known for their gaps in the rocks. The rivers have really cut out big gorges. It is difficult to understand as most of these rivers are dry, and only flow a few days a year.
At the Trephina gorge, it was very great to camp. Absolutely in the middle of nature.



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