Australia: NT: Kings Canyon: 09/05/04: jumping up and down along the rim walk.

Another day that I could walk around (after the long drive of a few days ago, I absolutely enjoy doing as much walks as possible). Not to far away from Uluru (about 300 km), there is Kings Canyon. And now that there is sealed road to it, it is more and more visited by tourists.

And it is absolutely worth it. I packed water and picnic and off I went for the cliff walk. I enjoyed the climb (they warn about the steep climb, but it is absolutely not difficult). I feel that I am in very good condition, because I can pass the other walkers in front of me, without any trouble. Once that you are up the cliff and get to see the different rock formations, you understand why it is being advertised so much. There were lots of rock-hils to climb on and off: I absolutely could get rid of all my energy.
When you walk around on these very promoted walks, you realise that some people start these walks totally unprepared. It is quite warm, and some of them hardly carry any water, no food, wearing slippers, absolutely no physical condition, … You don’t need to be a sportsman for the walks, but I think a minimum of safety considerations should be in place by the walkers. You also see these warning signs a lot at the start of the tracks, but I suppose some people think to know better.



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