Australia: NT: food and petrol in the outback.

I knew that prices would go up the further away from the “living world”. But waaauw, what a difference: petrol prices are in some roadhouses more than 35% more expensive. (and you have no choice of course).

Buying food is also an experience . You can’t bring fresh fruit or vegetables between 2 states. So I had finished all of them before crossing the border, but the next place where you can buy fruit and veggies again is more than 500 km further. And if you find a shop, you carefully have to watch dates because it is not all that fresh sometimes ( what is very understandable as well with the distances).
Now, I am in the Alice Springs area, a town in the middle of the desert, but with all luxuries like any other town. It is nice to be able to fill the fridge again, what I have to do before continuing further north through the bush.



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