Australia: SA: Adelaide area: 04/05/04: Thanks to David I could dive in South Austr

The weather didn’t look fine in the morning. It looked like diving in Rapid Bay would not be possible due to the wind. But David didn’t mind driving further away to a divespot which would be OK. Tha chances for leafy seadragons would be much less though, but anyway, I could dive in SA and see how different it is from NSW.

It took a few hours driving down to Edithburgh. The sun was shining when we arrived and the sea was flat. So, it promised very good. And definitely it was: the visibility was great (no particles in the water), and the view of these jetty-poles covered in pink, orange, yellow sponges against the blue water was spectacular. A lot of the corals, sponges, fishes were different than what I saw at NSW. We didn’t see a leafy seadragon, but we found nudibranches and seahorses.
David, thanks again for all the effort to offer me a dive in SA-waters (without a great white!)
David and Mary, thanks for letting me park and sleep on the driveway and offering me a very nice dinner.



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