Australia: sport is very popular!

Every country has there sport, and here in Australia it is rugby, Ozzie rules (football), golf and cricket. Everybody seem to play golf, even kangaroos play it. (on some golfcourts, you can actually see kangaroos).

Rugby and football Ozzie rules is very confusing to me. For rugby, you have 2 forms: rugby league and rugby union, each having their own rules (so they are different sports). (one of both rugby types is in New Zealand very popular).
I made a big mistake ones in a roadhouse: the owner was watching a match on TV. I askedif he was a rugby fan. It turned out to be football Ozzie rules. Oeps!!! Luckily someone explained me some major differences between ozzie rules and rugby, so I don’t make this mistake anymore.
And of course there is surfing. I see a lot of cars with the surfboard on the roof or stiking out of the windows. Even people cycling with a surfboard under their arms.


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