Australia: Victoria: dramatic weather change

The weather seemed to have changed dramatically. Like I mentioned, I ended up in a storm: this morning I read in the newspaper that 150 mm of rain fell down here in 24 hours. The whole area is suffering a very big draught, so they are happy with the rain. But some roads and land (what remains from the super-dry grass) can’t seem to handle this amount of rain now: there are some roadblocks, so small detours have to be done. And you see quite some grassland under water. But at least, people could fill their watertanks now (lots rely on rain water for their home-water).
Due to the draught, there are water restrictions: even washing dive gear is not allowed everywhere.
A mountain village close by went from 29C on Friday, to snow on Saturday night: the first snowboarders seem to be happy 7 weeks before the official start of the skiing season.
I absolutely noticed this drastic change in weather: I was walking around in Tshirt and shorts, and now back to my winter-clothes of New Zealand.
But I expect in about 2 weeks time, I will be back in T-shirt when crossing the outback of Australia.


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