Australia: NSW: Eden: 24/04/04: Diving the tugs

The sun has disappeared, but no problem to go diving. On the program were 2 wreckdives: The “Tasman Hauler” and the “Henry Bolte”. Both are around 30m deep.

Most of the divers had their drysuite on, so I was a bit afraid to be cold, but no problem with my 7mm suit. The visibility was not super, but still OK for me.
These boats have been stripped before they were sunk, so full entry is possible, especially the Tasman Hauler: You can enter the engine room, lower deck, the bridge. There is also a lot of sealife all over the vessel: soft corals, jewel anemones, gorgonias, …
The Henri Bolte has broken up severly, but still large parts of the boat are recognisable.


The only part of the dive I regretted was that for the first dive I was teamed up with divers that emptied their tank even before mine was half. So it was a rather short dive. The second dive was shortened due to deco-time. I think I have to stop diving for a few days, so my body can get rid of the excess nitrogen.

After the dives, I headed off towards Melbourne, which is still over 500 km away. But a storm came in (wind, lots of rain) and I stopped driving at about 300 km before Melbourne. Hopefully I can sleep a bit tonight (strong wind is making the van move a lot).


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