Australia: Driving around

I am now getting used already to the left-driving, although some traffic rules are different than in New Zealand. The only thing what is sometimes confusing are the direction signs (they are given way too late, or not at all! It was easier in New Zealand).

And of course, you have the animal-crossing signs here as well. In NZ, you had to watch out for crossing sheep, kiwis, or pinguins (yes, I saw the sign but never the pinguins). Here in Australia you see all the time the sign to watch out for kangaroos, or even koalas (they don’t move when they sit in the tree, so I wonder if they would ever cross the street!). Untill now, I didn’t see a kangaroo yet, except a dead one on the street.
Entering Victoria, I started to realise the remoteness. I was driving a long time in this foreest (on the highway) without seeing other cars, houses, … And if you pass a village, they are extremely small. This will be much more once I enter the outback.
In NSW, there was a lot of police on the road controlling for speed. And here in Victoria, you see continuously signs along the road that warn you to be carefull and not to fall a sleep. To stop from time to time for a “power-nap”. I think, Mc Donalds is sponsoring these signs as well!
Trucks seem to drive quite fast here (they overtake me, even if I drive the maximum speed limit).


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