Australia: South Coast of New South Wales: 21-23/04/04: I keep diving

It looks like I can’t reach Melbourne. Every so many kilometres, I decide to go for another dive in New South Wales. They have so different fauna than what I am used to, that I definitely want to explore more.

I did 2 boat dives in Jervis Bay. This time, the weedy seadragons were everywhere. You did’t even have to really search for them. Only too bad that some of the other divers were more like crawling over the ground. (which of course stirs up all the sand). They seemed to lack some buoyancy control.


I spotted another animal from my wish-list: I have now seen several wobbegongs (they call them “wobbies” here). They usually sleep during the day (hidden in caves and under rocks). Luckily, I had done some reading about them, and knew that they can be quite nasty: they have sharp, pointed teeth, and when disturbed, they can be dangerous. Once they bite, it is impossible to open the jaws by force (more divers have been bitten by wobbies than any other shark in Australia).
So, I didn’t dare to approach them too close when taking pictures (althoug it is tempting sometimes).


I keep adding stuff to my wish-list, as I hear about new types of sharks and fish: on top of the previous things, I go now for the angelshark, catshark, leopard shark.
In Ulladulla, I did 2 shoredives which were extremely relaxing: a diveguide (first dive even 2) and myself. (most diveshops don’t take only 1 diver, but it was no problem for them). There were very nice corals, sponges and gorgones, and the usual fish around.


I did 1 shore dive in Merimbula: I found lots of nudibranches (different type than the ones in Shell Harbour), but too bad the other divers didn’t seem to be interested in the small things and were really racing off. This way, you can’t see a thing. Diving here is more interesting if you also look for the small things.


Tomorrow, I am planning 2 wreck-dives in Eden (the “tugs”): this should be nice and different.
And then, towards Melbourne (who knows?).


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