Australia: Shell Harbour: 17-18/04/04: exciting dives just South of Sydney

This weekend, I’ve been diving with a local diver (Paul = scubakiwi), that would show me some nice divesites in Shell Harbour. And definitely, I can confirm: diving in Australia doesn’t mean only the Great Barrier Reef. The dives were awesome!!

Paul decided to go first to a divesite were there might be weedy seadragons. This is definitely on my wishlist, as I hadn’t seen these before. But of course, as always in diving, no guarantees. And especially for these weedy seadragons, as they are hard to spot due to their camouflage.
But, we were lucky, and after about 25 minutes, we spotted 1. It was picture-time. We stayed about 15 minutes taking pictures of it and then continued the dive. Just 1 animal makes my whole dive perfect! (but of course, there were lots of other fish).


The next day, we had scheduled 2 dives. So, I gave my wishlist again to Paul: nudibranches and Port Jackson Sharks would be nice (as I love nudibranches, and I haven’t seen PJ’s yet). Again, no guarantees but the divesite was choosen accordingly. After a while, we came to a spot where there were nudibranches all over, and aside from that rock there was a PJ sleeping (later we saw another PJ as well).


So, diving here is definitely worthwile. I have done several tropical water dives that are absolutely not as good as diving the cold waters of Sydney area.
The last dive was again at a different site were we spotted lots of cuttlefish, old wives, big ray, big jelly fish, …
Definitely, it tastes for more !!! (I hope to schedule in some more dives on my way down South along the coast).


My wishlist still has: leafy seadragons, wobbogong, swimming pinguins, several type of sharks, and many more. (handfish also, but then I have to go to Tasmania, and I don’t know yet if it will fit in).


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