Australia: Sydney:13-15/04/04: I enjoy every minute of it!

Arriving in the evening in Sydney without a hotel booking is absolutely not a problem. I managed to get a very nice hotel for a good price. This would definitely be 3 days of luxury, relaxing, wining and dining.

As the hotel is right in the city center close to the main attractions, I went to see the famous Opera House and Harbour bridge still the same evening. What a view!!!
And over 20C makes a nice difference after the colder weather in New Zealand.
I like very much the relaxed mentality of the ozzies: very sporty, enjoying going out for a drink, lunch, dinner, …


The city has a mixed style of buildings (old and modern) with lots of open space. I could definitely spend many days here (but have to take care of the bank account as the shops are very seductive). I will leave Sydney on Saturday after I have gone to a BBQ (I’ve been invited by a couple I met on the plane).



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