New Zealand: Mount Cook and Lake Tekapo: 09-10/04/04: The Southern Alps keep attracting me

Easter Weekend (Friday till Monday) is a very busy weekend for the New Zealander. Last Weekend to take holidays before the winter really starts. And you notice this on the roads.
I decided to go back to the mountains but now the east part of it. I wanted to do some more walks there, and maybe see Mt Cook.

It looked like most of the traffic was heading to Wanaka (the little village I liked so much): there was a big international 2-yearly airshow with old warplanes.
I was heading to the other side of the Southern Alps: Mount Cook. This is the highest mountian in New Zealand, but it lost in 1991 10 metres in altitude, as the peak did come down.
The weather was clear, so all of the 22 +3000 meter mountains in Mt Cook national park were visible. Camping with a view on these mountains gives you a great feeling.


I enjoyed walking around in the national park, as well as in the area of lake Tekapo. It has a turquoise colour, which gives a great view with the snowcapped mountains around it.
I walked up Mount John, which has an observatory (astronomy) on top of it (the gate was closed, so I couldn’t bring them a visit). On top, it was extremely windy (I was almost blown away), but a breathtaking view of the lake.



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