New Zealand: Te Anau: 06/04/04: cold, colder, …

Yesterday evening, the diveclub informed us that the diving in Milford Sound would be postponed with 1 day: weather forecast for Tuesday were just too cold and snow would be on the road.

They told me, if I wanted to drive myself to Milford Sound, I had to carry snowchains, as I have to go over a pass of 1000 meters and the snow limit will be at 500 m. This promised a cold night!
And cold: it definitely was! I was fully burried under the duvets, head as well. This morning, I had to remove the ice from the windows of the campervan. And definitely, the snow has now dropped to 500m. At the DOC office, for all the walks you want to do, they warn you about the bad conditions (snow on the tracks) and the cold (it is “minus” currently).
Today will thus be a resting day for me. I have to save my energy for tomorrow: diving in cold water will ask a lot of my body to keep it warm, especially as I will be out on the water for 5 ours (a good excuse to take in some calories today). At least the weather forecast looks OK for tomorrow in MS (but in MS, you never know), and the freezing limit will rise again to 1200m.
Te Anau is not really a nice village to be, but the surrounding landscape is great. Lots of big multi-day walks start here. The only reason the village has been put on the map is because you have to pass it to go to Milford Sound. If you look at the map, you see that MS is close to Queenstown, but there is no direct road to it. You have to do a really big detour, passing Te Anau. This means a ong drive for the busses coming from QT. They all stop here for a coffee (and petrol, as there is no petrol between TA and MS). So 2 times a day, the little village is loaded with busses, and in between, it is very quiet .
Te Anau is now getting a bit worried because they are talking of building a road QT-MS. This would mean TA will disappear from the map again (but it will not be for the first coming years).


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