New Zealand: Wanaka: 04/04/04: keep on walking

After some rain during the night, the day started off fine with blue sky. Perfect, this means another day outside in nature. The mountainbike tracks were too muddy, so I decided to do a small walk to the Diamond lakes (marked as a 3 hour walk, but 2 hours is more like it).

Although there were several cars at the beginning of the trail, I didn’t meet anyone on the track. It looks like most people only go to a lookout point and not all the way to the top. This is something you notice quite often. People go to a viewpoint which is a small walk of 15-30 minutes, take quickly lots of pictures, back to their car and to the next point. So they don’t really enjoy nature, the silence, the views, the walks, …
It was a nice walk to the top (Rocky Mountain) to start the day (not so heavy climbing) (those wanting to do this walk: take the left loop to go up). And I didn’t even need a jacket or sweater. T-shirt weather, while around you, mountains start being covered in snow.
Back in Wanaka, I called the diveshop in Te Anau for diving in Milford Sound. I could only go on Tuesday, no diving on Wednesday. This meant that I had to leave this nice place (Wanaka) and start driving south to Queenstown and Te Anau. I really regretted having to leave Wanaka. I felt so relaxed here.



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