New Zealand: Queenstown: 04/04/04: nicer than expected

I had heard so much about Queenstown. It is the “adventure capital of the world”. Every organised tour stops here. Lots of things can be organised here, of course for a very nice price.
So I thought that after the peacefull area of Wanaka, I would start to feel stress again in such a busy place.

The drive towards Queenstown was very nice (again I have to say this). And approaching QT, I realised that I would have to change my idea about it. The setting of the city is so beautifull with the lake and the mountains, and the city itself is quite enjoyable (at least for such a busy place). Probably in summer, it is packed with people, but I didn’t have this feeling now (you notice that it is low season now).
I had no plans to do bungy jumping or jetboating (my money goes to diving), but took a look where it all takes place.
At night, it really starts to become very cold (there seem to be an Antarctic cold front coming over Souther New Zealand). And yes, the snow limit on the mountains has lowered again in the morning. (I am sleeping now with 2 duvets, and this is comfortable to sleep. But getting dressed in the morning in the cold camper is not so comfortable. Brr!)



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