New Zealand: Wanaka: 03/04/04: walking up to the top of Mt Roy

I guessed correct: at the WestCoast, it is still raining, but east of the Southern Alps, the sun is shining. Time for a nice walk.

On the way toward Wanaka, the views were already amazing. Mountains, some of them had already some snow on their peaks. So, walking to the top of Mount Roy would definitely give great views. Wanaka is is very nice, relaxing little town/village at 220 meters. The top of Mt Roy is 1578, so it promised to be a good physical day.
And definitely it was! Straight from the beginning uphill, continuously, with sometimes auite steep parts in it. And after 3 hours, I reached the top. The zind was blowing pretty hard. But the views were superb.
Downhill went fast: less than 1.5 hours later I was back at my car.
Wanaka is a nice village with lots of possibilities to do. So, if the weather stays like this on Sunday, I might go for another walk or do some mountainbiking tomorrow.



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